E-Cigarette Explosion Lawyers

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The American Lung Association has recently stated that electronic cigarette use in youths has now surpassed that of traditional, tobacco based cigarette use. Many users of these vape pens and similar e-cig devices believe that they are safer and less harmful than traditional cigarette use. Unfortunately, these vaporizer devices are unregulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and have been spontaneously exploding on users. These exploding devices are causing severe injuries, burns and property damage. If you or a loved one has been injured from a spontaneous electronic cigarette explosion, then please do not hesitate to give our e-cigarette explosion lawyers a call. Filing a lawsuit or for a settlement will help hold these manufacturers responsible while potentially providing compensation for medical bills and other expenses brought on by their negligence.

Ever Increasing Popularity

Hailed as a safer alternative to cigarettes and revered as a smoking cessation device, electronic cigarettes have been steadily growing in popularity for years; especially in younger age groups. However, like with many new and trending products, electronic cigarettes exploded onto the market place before any kinds of regulations and much testing could be done. Unfortunately, many of these vaping devices have been spontaneously exploding, which points towards shoddy manufacturing and safety precautions. Many victims state that they were not informed of this potential danger when they purchased their device, which is the responsibility of the manufacturer and sometimes the distributor. These manufacturers should have had their devices tested through proper channels and warned their customers of any potential danger. By choosing not to do so, the manufacturers have opened themselves up to lawsuits and other legal actions being taken against them. With this increase in popularity, we can expect to see an increase in injuries and damage if something is not done to correct the problem. If you have been injured in an electronic cigarette explosion, then please contact our firm. We’re standing by to represent you and your interests in a court of law.

Past Examples Of Exploding E-Cigarette Cases

There have been several incidents regarding exploding e-cigarettes and injuries of late. A few specific examples include:

  • Greg Philips: Greg’s electronic cigarette from Cigarette World exploded in his left pocket. This caused severe second-degree burns, two of which had to be repaired with a skin graft surgery
  • Vincente Garza: Vincente was puffing on his vaporizer pen while in his bathroom, when suddenly it exploded in his mouth. He suffered severe injuries and burns to his tongue, mouth and finger. The finger even had to be partially amputated to the first knuckle from his injuries
  • Roy Iversen: Roy was riding in his car with his electronic vape device in his left pocket. The device spontaneously exploded causing severe left thigh burns. He now uses a cane and is unable to work.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a spontaneous e-cigarette explosion, then please give us a call. We are always standing by to help hold these manufacturers responsible for their defective and potentially dangerous products.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Unregulated Devices

E-Cigarette Explosion Lawyers
Like with many products, electronic cigarettes became vastly popular faster than the FDA could regulate their manufacturing and use. Because of this, many manufactures of these devices are cutting corners and failing to warn their customers of the potential danger associated with using their devices. Without regulation, consumers have almost no way to keep track of all of the potential dangers that can be associated with a device. Because of the lack of manufacturing regulations, many, many unsafe vaporizers are flooding the market. If nothing is done to keep these companies in check, we will continue to see a rise in injuries.

Representation You Can Count On

If you have been injured or suffered property damage due to an unregulated and spontaneously exploding electronic cigarette, then you may be entitled to compensation. By giving us a call and filing a lawsuit, you are helping hold these manufactures responsible and it may even help push the FDA towards regulating these devices. Our team of professional, affordable and reliable personal injury lawyers has a stellar track record and is standing by to take your case. Give us and out e-cigarette explosion lawyers a call for a free consultation today.