E-Cigarette Explosion Injuries

E-Cigarette Explosoin Injuries
With the recent swell of e-cigarette popularity, the number of injuries reported from exploding and dangerously unregulated batteries will continue to rise. Several different injuries (mostly burns) have been reported from these batteries and devices exploding. If you have been the victim of an exploding e-cig, then please contact our firm straight away. Our lawyers are standing by to help represent you and your interests in a court of law.

Different Injuries From Exploding And Venting E-Cigarettes

There have been several different injuries reported from exploding e-cig batteries and devices. Some of the most common injuries reported are:

  • First Degree Burns – Burns localized to the outermost layer of the skin. Skin will turn red and hospitalization is rarely required
  • Second Degree Burns – More severe than a first degree burn. The burn encompasses the entire first layer of skin and can include several layers underneath. Flesh will be pink, bright red and look wet. Blisters may or may not be present. Second degree burns can also be classified as “full thickness burns” when they are present in all layers of the skin. When a second degree burn is considered to be “full thickness”, it will usually require hospitalization and skin grafting to heal properly
  • Third Degree Burns – The second most severe type of burn. In a third degree burn, every single layer of the skin is completely destroyed. The burn can also be present in muscle and other sub-dermis tissue. The flesh may be charred or appear leathery in texture. There will be no pain since the nerve endings will be destroyed in the area of the injury. Requires hospitalization
  • Fourth Degree Burns – The most severe type of burn injury. Almost identical to a third degree burn, but the burn extends to muscle and bone. Requires hospitalization
  • Broken Teeth – The force of an e-cigarette explosion, if the device was in use when it exploded, can be strong enough to break teeth and cause other force injuries to the mouth
  • Eye Injury – Shrapnel and debris from an exploding vape pen can cause injuries to the eye such as lacerations and burns
  • Smoke Inhalation – If an e-cigarette explosion causes a fire and the respiratory system is exposed to smoke for prolonged periods of time without ample fresh air, asphyxiation and other serious, life threatening conditions can rapidly develop

Exploding Vape Pen Injury Cases

Many people have been injured in exploding and venting vape pen/e-cig cases. Some specific examples of others who have experienced injury are as follows:

  • Tom Holloway – A man named Tom Holloway was smoking his e-cig in his Niceville, FL study when it spontaneously exploded. The force of the incident knocked out a few of his teeth and severely injured his tongue
  • Wes Sloan – In Sherman, TX, a man named Wes Sloan had his e-cigarette explode in his hand. He suffered several injuries to his fingers and now experiences numbness in two of them. He suffered second and third degree burns and both him and his wife had to be treated for smoke inhalation due to the fire that erupted from the exploding device
  • Kinzie Barlow And Child – In Mount Pleasant, Utah, Kinzie Barlow and her child were driving in their car when her charging e-cigarette exploded. Kinzie, in an act of quick thinking, dowsed the resulting flames with an iced coffee. Both her and her child were treated for burn injuries

If You’ve Been Injured In An E-Cig Related Case, Give Us A Call

When a vape pen explodes, nobody wins. In addition to the aforementioned injuries, other injuries can be present when these devices explode or vent. If you have suffered any injuries or property damage from an venting or exploding e-cigarette, then please do not hesitate to contact our law firm. Our team of reliable, educated and professional e-cig explosion lawyers is always standing by to represent you and your interests in a court of law. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation today.