E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuits

e-cigarette explosion lawyers
E-cigarettes (also known as vape pens and e-cigs) have drastically increased in popularity since their public US release in the early 2000’s. While it is mostly youths that use these devices, they have become a popular choice for older smokers looking for a less dangerous habit. While seemingly a great smoking cessation device, they have been seen to spontaneously explode. In fact, there have been several lawsuits filed against the manufacturers of these vape pen devices due to spontaneous explosion or venting of the lithium ion batteries that power them. If you have been the victim of a spontaneously exploding e-cig, then please contact our law firm to see about setting up an e-cigarette explosion lawsuit.

Common Causes Of E-Cig Explosions

E-cigarettes themselves usually are not the problem. The problem usually stems from the lithium ion batteries that power the devices. When these batteries fail they either vent (burst in one direction and burn off battery acid) or explode. A lot of these batteries are venting and exploding because of overcharging (many of these devices do not have a computer controlled charge limiter, which stops overcharging problems) and from people using chargers that did not come with the battery (over or under amping batteries can cause catastrophic discharges and explosions). Many of these devices (which are not regulated by the government) are not subjected to the kinds of rigorous safety tests that usually come along with government approval, and as a result are causing injuries and property damage.

Why File An E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit?

If you were injured or suffered property damage from an unregulated e-cigarette explosion, then you very well may be entitled to compensation. Filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the device in question is often the only way to get the compensation you deserve while simultaneously helping to hold the manufacturer responsible for their negligent behavior. Doing so may also help give others the confidence to come forward with their personal cases regarding vaping related explosions and accidents.

How To File E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuits

Our firm is always standing by to help represent you and your interests in a court of law. If you have experienced property damage or suffered injuries from an exploding vaping battery, then get in touch with our e-cig explosion lawyers for a complimentary consultation. We’re here to stand up for you and your interests regarding your exploding e-cigarette. Call today.