E-Cigarette Safety Tips

E-Cigarette Safety Tips
E-cigarettes are vastly popular. They are even projected to outsell traditional analog cigarettes in the near future. However, unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape pens and other similar devices are not currently regulated by the United States government. So if you are a vaping enthusiast, then we have a few safety tips and some information to help you stay safe while enjoying your hobby.

How Does An E-Cigarette Work, And How Can It Fail?

Electronic cigarettes are designed to vaporize (hence the term vaping) a propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and sometimes nicotine mixture and inhaled. These devices usually use lithium ion batteries to power the atomizer (part of the device that turns the e-cig liquids into a vapor). These lithium ion batteries, when overcharged (left on the charger too long) or over/under amped (plugged into a charger that was made by a different manufacturer) can explode or vent dangerously. When they do, property damage and personal injury often follow.

How To Protect Your E-Cigarette And Lower The Chances Of An Explosion

There are several different things you can do to protect yourself from a lithium ion battery explosion or venting. In fact, these safety tips are good to use with ANY lithium ion battery (like the ones in your cell phone, laptop and maybe even your car).

    • Use The Appropriate Charger – Always use the charger that came with the device. Do not trust third party charger manufacturers. Using the right charger with the right device prevents over and under amping of your battery
    • Only Use The Wall Charger – Even though they may seem convenient, car and computer USB chargers have been seen in many of the explosion and venting cases related to e-cigarettes. Please only use the wall charger that came with your battery
    • Do Not Overcharge Your E-Cig Or Leave It Unattended- Unlike many other electronic devices that use lithium ion batteries, many e-cig manufactures do not put limiters on their chargers or batteries. This means that simply by leaving the device on the charger for too long will cause it to overcharge and to vent/explode
    • Store Your Battery Correctly – Do not leave your battery in a hot car. Do not leave it in the sun. Do not leave it in the freezer. Always keep your battery in a cool, dry and shaded environment. Simple exposure to the elements can cause failures and eventually lead to an explosion or venting of the battery
    • Only Use Batteries Approved By The Device Manufacturer – Do not purchase or use batteries that you buy from a local vape shop or electronic supply store that are not approved by the manufacturer of your vape pen. Using batteries made by others can cause problems that may make your device vent or explode
    • Do Not Use A Damaged Battery – Do not use a battery that has any kind of structural defect or problem. It is not worth the risk. Only use clean, undamaged batteries to prevent explosions and venting

    Following These Tips Will Help Keep You Safe

    Follow the aforementioned safety tips with any and all of the lithium ion batteries in your life. E-cigarette explosions are catastrophic, and they can often be prevented by careful use and knowledgeable users. So please, follow our safety tips.